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Conor Academy Class Costume

Pupils and parents will be aware of the Conor Academy ruling that all students must have class costumes until they attain intermediate grading. An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha (Irish Dancing Commission) also have a competition rule that novice and primary (up to under-12) cannot wear solo costumes, and must wear class costume or basic attire. 


I’m pleased to announce that our class costume has been restyled and updated but, as always, keeping within a traditional look. Our costumer designer, Celtic Creations in Belfast will be pleased to take orders (currently a 3-4 week appointment time) and I am happy to say the pricing structure continues to be very reasonable. We continue to hope that a pupil will get two years wear out of a costume before having to put it up for resale.


Cape - with Conor Academy 'C' gold sequins
Many thanks to our two lovely models

Which brings me on nicely, once again, to the point that there are still many pupils who have been with the Academy for considerable time who should now have a costume. It is difficult to consider pupils for certain displays as they have no costume and I cannot keep asking people if we can borrow/hire costumes. We do have several secondhand class costumes, for sale (all at very reasonable prices with the proceeds going back to the seller), so please consider purchasing one for your child (sizes vary).

Céad Míle Fáilte

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